Non-Profit Housing

There are approximately 1,500 non-profit housing providers all across Ontario. Non-Profit Housing organizations can be found everywhere from cities to rural areas. There are many different types of housing solutions and they range in size. Non-Profit housing can be made up of single-family homes, townhouses, low-rise or high-rise apartment buildings or a mix of all the above!

Essex Non-Profit is unique in that we offer single-family homes to those in need of affordable housing in a more rural setting while still being close to amenities and just a 20 minute drive from Windsor.

Essex Non-Profit Homes strives to accommodate everyone;  families, seniors, singles, people living with disabilities, survivors of violence, and many others who are not being served by private rental housing or who need support to enjoy a home of their own.

Our Mission

To provide and operate housing accommodation primarily for persons of low or modest income.